Baker Graphics will sit down with you and discuss building a web site to make it easier for your customers and prospects to do business with you. A web site extends your message directly into consumers homes 24 hours a day/seven days a week, while giving your customers new and updated information. After we fully understand your specific needs and the needs of your customers we recommend the best solution for you.We can help you find a domain name for your business, register it and host your website, all in one stop!

Web Site Design: Price:
Design Layout $60.00 per hour
Approximate Per Page Charge $150.00
Website will be quoted based on page count and complexity of site and whether it is a wordpress, responsive, ecommerce, etc.

Aproximate Wordpress Theme Based
Responsive Web Prices:

5 Pages - $875.00
10 Pages - $1450.00
20 Pages - $1750.00
30 Pages - $2195.00
40 Pages - $2850.00

Aproximate Wordpress Custom Based
Responsive Web Prices:

5 Pages - $1225.00
10 Pages - $1875.00
20 Pages - $2435.00
30 Pages - $2875.00
40 Pages - $3325.00

Ecommerc Sites - Priced According to Number of products, variable, etc. Request Quote.

Photoshop CS3, Image Ready,
Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver and Illustrator CS3

Web Hosting:
Web Site Hosting $120.00 yearly
Web Site Hosting $12.00 monthly
1 year Domain Name Reg. $21.95 per name
2 year Domain Name Reg. $39.95 per name

Fast, dependable Servers
Free set-up
Easy to use Control Panel
100 - 500 Mb space
100 - 500 E-mail Addresses
5 - 10 Gb monthly transfer
MySQL Databases

Currently Not Active Websites