Carved / Sandblasted Signs

While a lighted cabinet sign may be the right choice for some businesses, others may require a more classy look. Carved / sandblasted signs can be the ideal option for areas that require a classy appearance. These signs are crafted from wood or HDU (high density urethane) and are either carved inward or sandblasted away for a 3D look. Baker Graphics has teamed up with North Star Signs to create these unique, one-of-a-kind designs.

When is a carved or sandblasted sign desirable?

  • Apartment or Neighborhood Entrances– The entrance to a subdivision or apartment complex needs a sign that is classy, sophisticated and visually appealing. A carved or sandblasted sign can be the ideal choice.
  • Classic Downtown Areas– With many downtown areas undergoing renovations and renewal, rules and regulations regarding signage have been put in place that require a distinct look.. Check out the options available in sandblasted signs.
  • In Rural or Suburban Settings– While businesses located in cities may desire a more sophisticated sign, in the suburbs or rural areas, a simple old-fashioned carved sign may be a better choice.