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Sometimes the solution to how to uniquely brand and promote your company is as close as your parking lot. Your car, service van or delivery truck can be a billboard on wheels with a vehicle wrap, displaying your message in bright, vibrant colors and graphics. And the best part is you don’t have to pay a monthly rate for that rolling billboard. Wrapping your vehicle is an affordable and attention-grabbing way to leave a lasting impression to potential customers. Why not utilize your vehicle as a way to build brand awareness? Today, this is easier than ever with vehicle wraps available from Baker Graphics. We can help you turn your truck, car, van or other vehicle into a moving billboard. Choose from a full wrap or just a partial wrap depending on your budget and desired outcome.

About our Vehicle Graphics & Wraps

  • Full Wraps – A full wrap covers the majority of a vehicle. This means that you can take advantage of every inch of space to share your message with the world.
    Starting at $950 plus installation costs
  • Partial Wraps – A more affordable option is a partial wrap. These wraps utilize the base color of your vehicle for part of the design. This is a great choice if your company’s vehicle matches one of your design colors.
    Starting at $350 plus installation costs
  • 3M Controltac Vinyl - We use the highest quality 3M wrap material on the market and will keep your vehicle looking great for years to come. Graphic durability is 2-6 years depending upon exposure.
  • Stock Vehicle Graphics - In addition to custom vehicle wraps, we also offer stock graphics kits for your car, truck, semi, etc. Click here to check out our online catalog.
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