Metal / Plastic Letters

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Cast metal sign letters

Lifetime guarantee! Each metal letter is precision cast in aluminum or bronze using up to twenty distinct manufacturing steps. The metal provides strength and permanence to your image. Seven metal finishes give you the choice of dazzling shine, brilliant color, or natural and antiquated metal. Combine these finishes with an extensive selection of letter styles to design signs that reflect your individual image.

Flat cut metal sign letters

Lifetime guarantee! Our computer-driven waterjet cuts each letter to precision from a flat sheet of aluminum, bronze or brass. The flat sheet of metal comes in thickness up to one inch depending on the metal. A waterjet cut letter or logo is made using a fine, high stream of water that carries a mineral. This fine stream cuts the metal and allows for sharp inside corners, small letters, and intricate detail on logos.

Plastic sign letters

Lifetime guarantee! Make your business name stand out by mounting three dimensional outdoor plastic sign letters on the exterior of your building. Outdoor plastic sign letters are available in 32 weather resistant sign colors and are guaranteed for life from fading or breakage. Each individually molded plastic building sign letter comes complete with mounting hardware and installs in minutes. These are not made from acrylic but CAB which is more durable.

Flat cut acrylic sign letters

Lifetime guarantee! Make your business name stand out by mounting flat cut acrylic sign letters on your building or lobby wall. Acrylic sign letters are available in four thicknesses up to 1/2 inch and 30 colors that are pigmented solid through and through. Each individually cut acrylic sign letter comes complete with mounting hardware and installs in minutes. The acrylic is a high density polyethylene, HDPE, which offers better rigidity and tensile strength. It offers high resistance to chemical sand corrosion, combined with UV inhibitors that help prevent colors from fading. Acrylic sign letters are guaranteed for life from fading or breakage.

Changeable Letter Signs

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Not every sign has a permanent message, but it still needs to look good and be easily read from afar. Rigid Pronto Letters and Numbers give you that advantage. Promotional offers change, prices move up or down, movies come and go. Your message needs to attract the attention of each and every passerby — on foot or on wheels! Our changeable copy sign letters are well known for their use on gas station price signage and movie marquees but have uses in a wide range of applications. Need a sign just for a short-time or even a weeknd show? Baker Graphics rents out a portable sign trailer that is great for those short-term needs. Ask us for more info!

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